A Thanksgiving message from Parler CEO George Farmer

As the company celebrates the American Thanksgiving, I reflect on everything Parler has overcome, and how its future is bright. Modern tradition calls for Americans to share the things for which they are grateful. For Parler, these things are clear.

We give thanks to our users, especially those who've stuck with us to fight Big Tech's goal to control what we think, say and hear. For several days, Parler was the #1 app being served, and its deplatforming was enough to crush any company. We had to rebuild from the bottom up, and many users saw this happen in real-time. Your dedication to the protection of privacy and free speech has kept us motivated to pull all stops, and we'll continue our efforts to maintain Parler as the world's premier free speech platform. 

Parler advertisers are a special breed. These aren't just businesses looking to capitalize on social media. They too recognize the need for Parler to exist, and ensure we're able to continue our work. We are grateful for their support.

Gold badges represent influencers, government officials, and authentic organizations and businesses. Many have been active on Parler throughout the ups and downs. Their commitment to secure the protections provided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution remains unfaltering. We are grateful they use Parler as a means to share their insight and stories.

As we enter the extended holiday season, know that the entire Parler team is thankful for each and every one of you. Your dedication, expressions of support, and use of the platform means the world to us.

— George Farmer, CEO

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