Chris Salcedo Questions Facebook's Presence Given Parler's Deplatforming

Whistleblower documents reveal Facebook was aware of the harm it caused

The day after Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, testified to US Congress and Facebook experienced a six-hour outage, Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff spoke with Chris Salcedo on KSEV.

Salcedo referred to how Parler “was infamously taken down because of false political accusations” when questioning Facebook’s presence on the internet, given Haugen’s testimony that the tech giant knowingly harms children.

“The type of content that Parler was supposedly taken down for we all know was all over Facebook and all over Twitter as well,” Peikoff said. “And there are countless cases where you see this type of content on Facebook. Facebook, which supposedly has the best resources and the best way to deal with all this...”

To Congress, Haugen suggested reforming Section 230 to exempt decisions about algorithms because they’re something Facebook has total control over. Peikoff said modifying Section 230 to only exempt such algorithms from immunity may be acceptable, but is doubtful there wouldn’t be other changes.

“You’d probably get some junk about misinformation and so-called hate speech, so you’d actually be starting to prohibit legal speech on these platforms,” Peikoff explained.

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