Listen: Parler Falsely Took The Fall For The Jan 6th Riot

Amy Peikoff talks with Lars Larson

After a late-Friday report dump revealing that the events of January 6 weren’t coordinated across platforms like Parler and Gab, Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff spoke with Lars Larson about big government’s and big tech’s control over online communication. After hearing the news, Parler on Friday released an official statement, calling out those who participated in the platform’s removal from the internet.

“We’re not letting people just put it under the rug. We’re telling the world that we’re owed an apology,” says Peikoff. “We were unfairly scapegoated, and this last little Friday dump is just more evidence of that fact.”

Larson says the end-of-week release of findings is another way narratives are controlled. The radio show host often relies on Friday releases to prepare for Monday broadcasts — information he says is released “when they’re hoping it disappears.”

Peikoff says Parler’s complete de-platforming was an attack on more than free speech.

“If they try to shut down all of this, they are interfering with the pursuit of truth. They are preventing any sort of free and open airing of political issues and evaluations of political candidates. And they are in effect making these larger platforms — that are participating in this smear job — they’re making those platforms into the de facto authority as to what opinions are allowed to be expressed.”

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